Staples Kids Top 2014 Wolves XC Series

Posted on 2014/10/21



Start of the Bezanson Bog, Race #3 in the Wolves XC Running Series

After completion of Race #7, the Wolves XC Relay on Saturday, the brother and sister duo of Dario and Nicole Staples topped their respective categories in the 2014 Wolves XC Running Series.

Scoring points in 4 races, including wins in the Bezanson Bog and Tumbler Ridge Ramble, Dario captured first place among the Junior High Boys.  Sister Nicole accumulated points in 3 races, including wins at the Steve Burgess Memorial and in Bezanson.  She won the Junior High Girls title.

Other Series winners included:

Myron Brown               Junior Elm Boys

Kashlen Badger          Junior Elm Girls

Wyatt Sorken              Senior Elm Boys

Anna Birnbaum         Senior Elm Girls

Brandon Lysholm     High School Boys

Brittany Duvall          High School Girls

Geoff Brown               Open Men

Kirstin Manz              Open Women

Gary Ropchan            Masters Men 1

Shannon O’Reilley  Masters Women 1

Eric Wolf                     Masters Men 2

Doris Gordon            Masters Women 2

A full list of Wolves XC Series medalists can be found on the Wolves XC Series Website 14WolvesSeriesOverallFinal


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