2012 Results

RACE #1 – Summer’s End Road Races

Saturday, August 25

Fairview, AB


RACE #2 – DGLW Trail Races

Sunday, September 2

Wapiti Nordic Trails – Grande Prairie, AB


RACE #3 – Steve Burgess Memorial

Saturday, September 8

Wapiti Nordic Trails – Grande Prairie, AB

Overall Results (1.5 km SEG and JEG Results revised on Sept 13)

12SteveBurgessMemorial5kmResults    12SteveBurgessResults8km  12SteveBurgess15kand3kResults

ACAC Only Results

12SteveBurgessACAConlyResults    12SteveBurgessACAConlyResultsMen

Wolves Series Only Results for 5 km and 8 km (Out of town runners removed)

12SteveBurgess5kmResultsWolvesSeries        12SteveBurgess8kmResultsWolvesSeries

RACE #4 – Bezanson Bog

Saturday, September 22

Old Bezanson Townsite – Bezanson, AB


RACE #5 – Grailquest

Saturday, September 29

Northern Lights College – Fort St John, BC


RACE #6 – Dreamer’s Lake

Wednesday, September 22

Dreamer’s Lake Campground – Wanaham, AB


NW Zone X-C Champs (Non-Series Event) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dreamer’s Lake – Wanham, AB


RACE #7- Tumbler Ridge Ramble

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wolverine Ski Trails- Tumbler Ridge, BC


RACE #8- Dawson Creek Sneak

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bear Mountain Ski Trails- Tumbler Ridge, BC


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